"DESIGNED TO THRIVE THROUGH MINDSET MASTERY"​ - a 55 minute presentation on: The 7 Keys For Hacking Your Mind and producing accelerated results in life, business, health and relationships.

There is scientific evidence thatwe are designed to thrive. If we are not, it is because of our thinking! Because it is not what happens in life, but how we respond that makes the difference. The most powerful tool we have for change and success is what we tell ourselves, what we say to ourselves. There are no problems in reality: all problems are problems of perception.  In fact our biggest problem, is our point of view! In this 55 minute keynote presentation, Marque humorously and masterfully enthralls audiences with the science, philosophy and key practices  to empower individuals and organizations to shift thinking, breakthrough limits, reduce stress, connect with intuition, build wellness, generate innovative solutions and take positive action! Enjoy a few minutes of his presentation below. Then call or email for booking information. 352-362-5417.