Distinguishing and managing your core workplace cultural values; and harnessing the emotional energy of your staff; are the hidden profit margins and key capital assets of your long term business success! ~mk~

*DELIVERY: All conversations with us begin with our offering a complimentary assessment and strategy session so we can get to know one another and begin to distinguish your needs. All Training Programs are delivered to fit individual client needs in a custom designed sequence of key notes, half day, full day, two day and three day sessions over a one to three month period based on need and boasting a flexible schedule of additional custom coaching packages attached for successful application and integration.

The theory, principles and practices at the foundation of Marque's programs are taken from and inspired by a combination of the works of R. Buckminster Fuller, Peter Senge, Chris Argyris, Daniel Goleman, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Doc Childers, Howard Gardner, Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton and Otto Scharmer; along with over 30 years experience of personal trial and error as a corporate training executive.
If I could show you how to transform your organization and your life  to reflect deeper levels of health, fulfillment and success, would you be interested? Well that's what we do here so read on!

The foundational operating premise of HEARTBiz is simple: humans are whole systems and the organizations we create are living organisms all governed by immutable quantum principles which when understood and consciously ‘tweaked’ consistently improve overall system function translating into less stress, more fun, deeper fulfillment and increased efficiency, effectiveness and profits. 
     In order to successfully apply these powerful principles in their work environments more and more insightful leaders are relying on cutting edge Heart-Mind, Whole Systems Thinking, Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Sciences to assist them in removing fear from the workplace, harnessing human emotions, enrolling staff in a greater vision of possibility and channeling those energies towards maximizing organizational intended outcomes. 

In responding to the unique business challenges of our times, Marque dramatically assists organizations and individuals in producing more sustainable and profitable results by supplying them with new insights, tools and strategies  in the form of consulting, coaching, training and speaking programs. Marque takes it name from the new scientific research documenting the profound physiological relationship between the heart and the brain suggesting that the heart impacts and may very well be responsible for many of our choices and actions that influence our results in life thereby creating the need to be consciously 'heart-connected' as a way to maximize our intended outcomes. 

Our services are valuable for individual consultants, sole proprietors, large and small organizations  involved  in sales, marketing, manufacturing, research & development, customer service, human resource management, government, non-profit, small business, education and literally any type of organization where people are working together to achieve common goals, including both management and staff working together more effectively. 

We believe that one of  the biggest yet most elusive challenges facing organizations, are  peoples’ limiting emotional reactions under stress, which create unresourceful behaviors, shut down communication, creative expression and produce unintended business results.


The training we do is different because it is transformational. It is not just about the data, it is about the people. It causes people to look at themselves as the primary cause within their sphere of influence, emphasizes and develops their ability to move beyond blame and justification and take total responsibility for all the results in their work world.

In addition to giving people powerful training tools and materials to manage and lead more effectively, our training is about developing people in ways which enable them to see themselves more clearly, understand how their unconscious perceptions and motivations are creating their current reality, and what steps to take in order to maximize their intended outcomes.

Finally, we assist people to make the distinctions necessary for harnessing their emotions, their language, and their habitual ways of thinking and being to create a high performance, positive action, results oriented business culture and environment.

Understanding this, Marque specializes in helping individuals within organizations to: 

- create a powerful organizational culture

- work together more collaboratively

- communicate & work more effectively and effectively

- be more spontaneous, creative and innovative

- have more fun and be more fulfilled

- lead and manage more effectively

- reduce stress & enhance health and vitality

- reduce costs and save money

- consistently produce profitable results

We are able to do this because we have been through over thirty rich and fulfilling  years of looking deeply into human dynamics and group mechanics. We have developed insights into personal and organizational behavior  and have an uncanny ability to explain and demonstrate complex emotional dynamics, mental themes and relationships in simple and useable terms people can easily understand. We believe in the basic magnificence and abilities of all people and support them with keen insights and a great sense of humor in attaining their desired outcomes.

How We Work With Our Clients

To attain our goal of assisting you in attaining yours, we work at building relationships with our clients, allowing us to know and understand your unique needs. A series of initial consultations are at no cost to you. Fees are agreed upon based on the custom design of your contracted services. We are highly flexible when it comes to the custom design of your contracted services. We work with all types of organizations and all sizes. Courses can be contracted on a one off basis and last for only three hours if that suits your needs. Being firm system thinkers, we do have a tendency to evaluate and interpret client requests systemically thereby designing comprehensive consultancy packages which include unique combinations of consulting, coaching, training and work sessions and which can take place over days, weeks or months. All sessions can be either in-house, at conference/corporate retreat centers, or as learning incentive programs aboard sailing yachts. As you read our course descriptions please keep in mind this flexibility. We have a group of associates we call upon to help facilitate our larger programs.

All our training programs are designed and conducted using Accelerated Learning Methodology. First developed by the Bulgarian physicist Georgi Losanov in the late 1950's,  this whole brain teaching system  appeals to the whole person, involving them physically, mentally and emotionally and spiritually in the learning process. Sessions are fun and fast paced leading to  shorter classroom time, increased learning effectiveness and quicker integration and application of learning materials.

All our coaching sessions and trainings use the foundational model of Systems Thinking from Peter Senge of MIT and Chris Argyris of Harvard. Our work on Crafting Quality Cultures was inspired by the  work on Synergistics by the late R. Buckminster Fuller. The Emotional Intelligence work is based on the groundbreaking efforts of Daniel Goleman.


EXECUTIVE EMPOWERMENT COACHING - A coach  is someone who lives by helping you  to win .  He is someone you can talk to and is someone who is on your side. He asks just the right questions to get you to “see it for yourself” and helps you mobilize your resourcefulness and your courage. EXECUTIVE COACHING is a powerful system of one on one sessions designed to help you clarify your vision, values, thinking process and strategies for overcoming obstacles and achieving your intended outcomes.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE DEVELOPMENT - Based on the work of Daniel Goleman, EQ (as it is called,) explores the ability know the impact your emotions are having on others and  to manage emotions more effectively due to the huge role emotions play in attaining intended business outcomes. As a management strategy, learning to harvest, harness and channel the emotional energy of your organization through EQ is unprecedented for enhancing any management style and any leaders ability to understand and motivate staff to successful action.

ADVANCED BUSINESS COMMUNICATION - Interpersonal communication  is one of the last major challenges to constant improvement. Committed speaking and listening sets the tone for a totally unique program designed to manage perceptions and replace them with a profound and practical holistic system for encouraging and monitoring the empowering use of language to produce a higher level of daily work activity and business results.

ASSERTIVENESS TRAINING - One major breach in the human communication system within organizations is peoples’ inability or unwillingness to be authentic with one another, to say what they need to while honoring others in the process. This course is about being able to be direct with one another, to ask for what you need, to stand up for yourself, to make requests of others, to say ‘no’. It delivers the techniques for staff to be direct and clear with their superiors and for management to be able to hold staff accountable. It examines the underlying beliefs which make assertiveness difficult for many and the tools to reframe  them into useful and self motivating communication skills.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT & SUCCESSION PLANNING is about cultivating  the talent needed within your organization to embrace, understand and successfully ride the challenges of change, globalization, competition, information technology and the growing demands of human resource management. It is based on Principle/Value Centered Leadership themes, develops leadership competencies and character from a foundation of Integrity and integrates  it all with cutting edge systems thinking, and communicating skills. This program can work in tandem with a comprehensive SUCCESSION PLANNING program to identify and develop the specific skill sets necessary at various levels within your organization to assure continuity of leadership over time.

POWERFUL PRESENTATIONS, Beyond Public Speaking - Presentation is more than getting up and doing/saying something in front of others. It is as much about who we are being with people...customers, colleagues and staff, that makes a difference. Learn all the basics of powerful presentations including overcoming fear, being authentic in front of others, involving and enrolling your audience, influence and persuasion, designing a winning presentation, handling difficult questions/participants and co-creating learning objectives/materials with participants. This course is filled with years of the best researched techniques guaranteed to make masterful presenters out of everyone within your organization who needs the skill.

PRESENTATION COACHING - The Ten Point Presentation Program - When you have a specific sales, marketing, training or informational  presentation to give, allow us to see it and work with you in assisting you to maximize your presentation strengths through our unique Ten Point Presentation Program. In addition to reviewing your presentation and materials, we put you on video and help you discover and transform any hidden mixed messages you may be sending out that are compromising your presentation effectiveness while empowering your presentation to be highly effective.

QUALITY CULTURE CRAFTING & STRATEGIC VISIONING -  Present results in your company are a product of the present culture. Shift the culture and you create new results. Organizational culture in many cases is made up of a an invisible, unconscious, habitual network of interrelated processes and is difficult to define.  We are skilled and trained to work with you in distinguishing the elements that make up ‘culture’. Together we lead you in the process of STRATEGIC VISIONING to identify your personal and organizational core values, beliefs, best practices, optimal ways of being, alignment agreements, value in action behaviors, procedures, systems, rules and policies. When institutionally formalized, a business culture becomes your conscious effort to create systems that predictably influence human behavior in the most optimal ways possible for increasing and maintaining business results. Understanding and managing your core workplace cultural values and putting them into practice is your hidden profit margin and the key capital asset of your long term business success.

TEAM BUILDING - Have you ever in your life been on a real team where people cared, stayed up all night to complete a project, watched each others backs and were willing to be totally real with one another? If you have, your know what I mean and you can never forget the experience. Would you like to have that experience again? These courses and work sessions lead team players within your organization through the process of understanding; the elements of team development, the beliefs needed to align a team, the behaviors to maximize team playing and the strategies for sustaining team success. It is in part, leadership development for staff. We go beyond mere team work to explore the formula for creating SYNERGY, the synthesis of energy whereby the behavior of a whole system is unpredictably greater than the sum of it’s parts. For a team to align and create synergy empowers them to consistently reach new levels of innovation and outperform the competition.

TRAIN THE TRAINER - Learn the techniques of creating course curriculum through the use of ACCELERATED LEARNING METHODOLOGY. As stated previously, this learning and teaching system is based on the work of  Georgi Losanov who pioneered the strategies of how people's brains actually learn and how the brain and the emotions are involved in the learning process. Suggestology, which is what Losanov called his work, covers learning on the subconscious level where 97% of all learning actually takes place. Topics covered include; the learning environment, learning styles and modalities, right/left brain learning, experiential learning, the  7 Intelligences, group learning, adult learning, learning neumonics and some Instructional Systems Design which was first developed by NASA for the space program. Advantages of Accelerated Learning include saving money by cutting classroom time in half, teaching anything more efficiently, reducing stress in the learning process and having participants be able to put learned materials into action, in half the time.

TRAIN THE COACHES - If you have managers or people within your organization who you need to act as executive coaches, business coaches, leadership coaches, performance coaches or attitude coaches, then we have the methodology to train them. Based on systems thinking themes and competencies, we give your selected staff the step by step tools they need to be successful coaches and; assess coaching needs, identify goals and objectives, use the art of inquiry to uncover blocks to success, use powerful language to motivate and influence to action, use the Ladder Of Influence to distinguish unconscious assumptions and conclusions which produce limiting behaviors, and distinguish habitual unconscious survival strategies and responses which produce unintended business results. How to develop the empathy and compassion to be a successful coach is predicated on the coaches willingness and ability to be coached and to coach themselves through self reflection. Sports coaching is an idea we are all familiar with. Business Coaching is an idea whose time has come and the results can only be called exponential.

BUILDING LEARNING ORGANIZATIONS - In this consultancy package we work with your core business competencies, your organizational mandate and values in establishing the systems needed to create and support a learning culture. Within learning organizations, no matter their size, there is a high energy buzz which results from individuals being turned on to personal and organizational growth and development. Through the specific techniques, competencies and micro-systems we will give you,  your organization can create a more fertile ecology, conducive to growing collaboration and innovation, translating into increased business results.

SAILING SEMINARS IN THE CARIBBEAN - For those organizations looking for extremely exciting incentive learning programs, all of our courses are available on board all inclusive 45 ft. sailing catamaran yachts in the Bahamas. In addition to training programs and costs we handle all travel arrangements including plane reservations, ground transfers, hotels, meals and insurance. Other options including learning the art of sailing itself, under the supervision of experienced and licensed captains, is a totally safe, highly powerful metaphor for transforming people into teams, willing to play more efficiently together for fun and profit. Please inquire about our total submergence Sailing Seminar Programs which can include golf resort excursions.

RELATIONSHIPS TRAINING - For staff and their partners, this highly informative and useful incentive program takes participants into the dynamics of relationships, unmet expectations, assumptions, enhanced communication, understanding the male/female dynamic and paradox, while re-defining love and sharing powerful strategies for living a more fulfilling partnership. (Facilitated by a couple)