March 20, 2020

And welcome to the Vernal Equinox Gateway which feels like it is representing the Spring of our New Lives, The Golden Age!

Never before since the cataclysms of our Beloved Atlantis some 12,000 years ago has the entire plant and all her population been focused on the same thing like it is today. This is huge!

I believe the Hierarchy of Light are using this pandemic to achieve the impossible: The physical manifestation of the Divine Itself through the human race leading towards GLOBAL UNITY!

Like my friend Joanna said today, “We didn’t listen to climate change, fires, earthquakes, volcanos, hurricanes or tornados. Now it’s potentially happening to every one of us. Now we will listen!”

Well to say God has our attention is an understatement. Not saying God set the virus loose on us: but you know how God uses everything the Shadow drums up always for the highest good of all? Well, this one’s a doozy!

So while the Shadow is releasing the 5G Cell Tower Networks in the backdrop of Corona: The Goddess of Light is releasing Her Original 12D frequency of The Mothers Love right behind it all!

So what does this mean? I think it means….MAGIC FOR ALL! What if the worse things appear to get in the outer 3D world, the more magic, synchronicity, serendipity, intuitive guidance and miracles take place in the inner 5D world for those with eyes to see and ears to hear!

Watch for little coincidences like little balls of fur to begin to magically show up throughout you day and attract together forming entire tapestries of great meaning and consequence before the day is done.

If more magic were in the aire, and magic was love, then the magical tapestry of love would be being woven by the angels in, around and through our lives more and more of the time each day in a natural progression leading to the organic unfoldment of the greatest work of art since creation Itself: the complete transformation of an entire race of people, into love, all at once as The New Earth!

I believe this New Earth Frequency is REAL and palpable and visceral and begs to be experienced from the inner and drawn to the outer through our simple practices of breathing, yoga, movement, dancing, singing, meditation and prayer!

Now more than ever there is a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow: an experience awaiting to fulfill your curiosity and inquiry and yearning: we just have to take a few moments a day, preferably in the morning upon waking when the energy is still pristine, to connect within to the source, the generator of this love: THE HEART!

For the heart does more than simply pump our blood. It is the divine organ of perception: like a 6th sense: meant to perceive all of life with. To see from the heart, hear with the heart, think with your heart, speak from the heart, act with the heart. As we do that, we activate the heart’s real power and purpose and birth our New World!

And this New World is taking root NOW in the physical realm through our bodies as we enter into this Vernal Equinox Portal, increasing our DIVINE/LOVE VIBRATION. With each day of sequester as we have already begun to see, the earth is healing, we are healing from the ruckus roar of the old worldly ways. We contribute the most in the creation of our New Earth with every sadhna (spiritual) practice we do.  

Three things come to mind as tools for staying relaxed and aligned with the Infinite as It unfolds through us and all life from here on in:

First to stay in full command of our reality, of our inner world, of our vibration.  Next, to stay focused on the highest timelines, the reality you see and want to manifest through this all. And finally, to make the leap in your consciousness from the old, disappearing grid/matrix to the renewing crystalline light grid structures of higher values.

The light and love are the true source of our sustenance and spiritual nutrition and ultimately become the actual substance of the sustainable forms awaiting to arise from these ashes of the Piscean Story that we can now solemnly smudge upon our 3rd eyes, in sacrament for the pain, the loss, the suffering, the price we have paid in countless billions of brothers and sisters and species, sacrificed to arrive in this present moment of ultimate transformation and becoming.

This is a big one. Wrapping our heads around the reality that all this is ACTUALLY OCCURRING and holding to that realization especially when ego and fear come in and try to connect you back to the old world. DON’T GO THERE!

Stay with us oh sacred members of the Ascending Collective of Light! Believe in your heart now more than ever what you have always secretly believed: that love rules! Then see it manifest before your very eyes as part of Its MAGIC. For these are the times spoken of in the songs and chants of the Ancient Ones. God is not a vengeful God: the Saint and Martyr false programming of the Shadow is over! Our collective sacrifice in order to be forgiven was a lie!

Dance and celebrate as if a great travail has been lifted from the collective Soul of Humanity and the earth, for it has been and WE ARE FREE!

Something new wants to be birthed from you, through you. Can you feel it? It’s a little unsure of itself on one level but speaks of a great, hidden-till-now, inner knowing of something so familiar and intimate that even EGO can’t talk you out of this one!

So, let it come, give it time and love. As this sequester proceeds and by the time it is over, you will be expressing parts of you that you only dreamed of in the past!

Because Blessed Ones, it has seemed only like a dream in the past, one you never were sure would really happen. But make no mistake, this IS the time we have all been prepped & trained for.

So, as masters of LOVE on Earth, it is time to use all our GOD technologies, whatever they uniquely are for you, to alter the  course of destiny for your life and for the earth.  

Enjoy this gift of suspended time, revel in each moment and like a dry sponge being re-submerged in water, you will expand anew with great zeal for life, for love, for possibility and for the fulfillment the future will bring to all human kind. ~xomk~

NOTE TO ALL: Everything is perspective. If you would like some divine assistance to gain a more productive perspective on your own life and times, contact me for a coaching session! 

To read The Corona Chronicles #1 and #2, please go to: 


 NOTE TO ALL: Everything is perspective. If you would like some divine assistance to gain a more productive perspective on your own life and times, contact me for a coaching session! 



March 21, 2020
I went to Publix today to pick up a few things. Boy was I overwhelmed! Literally, the entire parking lot was full: not a spot. There were absolutely NO CARTS: all the checkouts were filled with customers 4 deep with carts filled to the brim! Many of the shelves were bare.

Most upsetting was the energy itself. I live in Bonita and this was not what I’m used to: what happened to my Bonita? There was a ‘panic’ energy in the store and in the parking lot. Folks were speeding, running STOP signs, nearly hitting pedestrians with carts, giving out ‘stink eye’ all over the place.

Inside, it was stressful, folks backing into one another, running over each other’s toes: it was a free-for-all. They were all in all struggling not to show their worry and fear.

Even though I wasn’t in the mood having just come from the dentist: I decided anyway to smile a lot and talk to everyone I could about whatever I could. Create some good energy I thought. Strike up some spontaneous friendships seemed like a good idea! Share some love!

Most responded in-kind. That was heart-filling. Some looked at me like I was from the Pleiades, (which I Am.) Others made believe they didn’t see or hear me at all. (I’ve had that treatment most of my life anyway.)

Halfway through my shopping I decided for obvious reasons, that I didn’t really need half of what I came in for. In fact, getting out alive with my aura intact was just about all I really needed.

So I headed for the check out where God in Her Infinite patience, placed me behind a lovely old woman with a cane, a hearing aid, a fist full of coupons and a messy purse the size of Arizona, from which she would struggle to find and withdraw her checkbook at the end, after all the items in both the full basket and the rack underneath were successfully checked out. $324.77: after painstaking coupons!

There were no baggers to help her out because it was so busy, so I said, “Hey, if you are willing to wait, I would be happy to help you with your 12 bags!” “Oh, that’s not necessary” she said in her stoic voice which reflected a life-long-lived in total independence.

She gazed down and saw I only had 4 items having abandoned the rest due to current psychic weather conditions: and they were, 2 apples, a bag of sprouts and a bottle of my favorite cab sav. I hadn’t planned on the wine when I came in but knew I was going to need it upon exiting!

Getting into the car for my 5-minute journey through the Daytona 500 to get home, I realized just how FREAKED OUT I WAS! For an empath, the energy in there was way too over-bearing. It was like doing an intuitive reading on 150 people all at once! Way too much frazzled energy for it not to impact me.

I crept out of the parking lot at sub-speed so as not to kill anyone in the fray but by the time I got home, I was a wreck! As I pulled in the driveway, the front door of my house looked particularly inviting and downright beautiful!

I screeched into the carport much to my dear neighbor’s chagrin who was calmly walking her dog Pesky as she always did at that time: but she was probably wondering ‘what the heck is wrong with Marque?’

I flung open the car door, crabbed my fruit bags and bolted into the house slamming the front door and then making a deliberate motion to LOCK IT UP TIGHT behind me!

Once safely on the other side, I let out a huge sigh of relief like in a bad Fellini movie, as I proceeded to slump back and slide down against the door, coming to rest in a squat on the floor.

I was in: I was safe: and the world was locked out. I had done my thing. Shared some love before the energy got to be just too much for me. Overwhelming actually.

Trying not to be too harsh on myself for falling prey to the outer world energies, I knocked the top off my newly acquired bottle of cab sav and fell into a tepid bath.

The garden was still with the slight flight of a hummingbird and a butterfly; the wind blew a cool fragrant 3 knots through the palms. It was peaceful there gazing through the screen out into nature. A stark contrast to the food store/parking lot environment I had barely escaped from with my life. As I slid into another state of possibility, I thought, “There must be a teaching here somewhere.”



A dear friend made the point today, “I heard people saying they felt like they were ‘struck at home.’ Then it dawned on me: you work 40, 50, 60 hours a week so you can have a home and when you get to stay in it for a while, you feel stuck! Wow!”

What’s wrong with that picture? How brainwashed into our current material, consumerism, working slavery model of reality have we become to feel so disoriented that when we get to stay home, we feel stuck and want to break out?

What we really want to break out of, break free of is not having to stay home for a while, but the current material, consumerism, working slavery model of reality the 20th century delivered us into over the past 100+ years which we incarnated into! That’s what we want out of! That’s what’s changing. That’s what we are transitioning out of! And not a moment too soon I might add!

In the same way we in the west transitioned from the agricultural society to an industrial society back in 1900: well now in 2020 we are transitioning  out of being an industrial society and into a digital society. The information age of 2000 has taken full effect and I think things are about to change, for the better, for good!

It’s changing on the outer and the inner as well. With this viral sequester, we are in a kind of suspended animation, zero-point, time/space continuum, neutrality zone rendering all who enter, into another realm upon exiting.

We are in a time travel tunnel, a transformation portal, a divine gateway to heaven: walk in one side in the old, industrial age reality, and exit in the New World! Brilliant! But you have to stay home for a while and meditate to get more of the nuances!

We need this ‘out of time’ time. We are so ‘time-washed’ we can’t even think straight. So programmed to do, do, do that we are completely disoriented when love comes along and says, “Hey, stay home and love for a while!”

So, we are dematerializing our old, tired, worn out, abused, taken advantage of, neglected, enslaved bodies, minds, emotions, souls, culture and earth: so we can rematerialize all of them on the other side of the veil in the New World: HAPPY!

We are in a cosmic decompression chamber: so as not to get the bends from emerging from the darkened depths of ego despair too quickly and not rising into the CoronaSun too blinded by the Light.

Time is slowing down and stopping. Time/space travel takes a lot of ‘time’ so we are transcending out of time in a sequestered, suspended animation like tractor ‘beam me up Scotty’ state-of-being, where we can arrive at, be delivered into the Kingdom of Heaven once and for all as it was foretold.

We have been living in an unsustainable way on an unsustainable earth. How many malls did we really need? How many different brands of soup and toothpaste can we really use? Multiply that times ALL THE PRODUCTS humans make and sell and all the packaging that delivers them, and you have a hugely UNSUSTAINABLE WORLD!

Human innovation is great and necessary to invent new living scenarios and forms for humanity. But when applied to consumerism in an out-of-control- capitalism, those same over-the-top human innovation abilities create a recipe for destruction. You have a recipe for The Corona Virus. You have a recipe for sustainable change which is what is happening right now!

In simple terms, I think the overarching umbrella values guiding the creation of our new material 5D world are: INTEGRITY, PEACE, SUSTAINABILITY AND JUSTICE.

The world is changing for the better and certain things are going to disappear while new things will be formed in obedience to the 4 Key New Age Values stated above. If who you are being, what you are doing, what you are saying and what you are creating large or small: isn’t peaceful, sustainable, in integrity and just, then it is OUT OF INTEGRITY with the principles and mandates of New World and it will not stand!

I’ve often thought it’s about time universal law was actually implemented on Gaia. Well, I think its time has finally arrived. And it speaks to not just external things but to the inner relationship we each spend so much time managing and that is the relationship between Ego and Soul!

The time has come for Ego to cease controlling Soul, and for Soul to regain its sovereignty and divine position as the ruler of the Ego. So simple yet we’ve struggled with that one for lifetimes!

This New Wave Dynamic plays out in many ways the most simple of which is: each of us is about to be to be taught and in time, master the ability to SELF REFLECT in MINDFULNESS!

Our human emotions, misunderstood as they are, are divinely given barometers so we humans can be notified and tell when we are out of integrity, in Ego. At which time, based on the uncomfortable emotions we perceive we are feeling, we can self-reflect further, slow down, ask, step back and listen inwardly to Souls perspective on any current situation.

So doing is the work of the heart as gateway to the divine intuition or the wifi of Infinite-Intelligence that lives within all things and animates all the universe!

Seeing the world through integrity, peace, sustainability and justice is a foundational lense that will bring into focus all manner of seen and unforeseen good to come into our lives and into the New Life of all the New World Dwellers!

We can’t just have a new, pretty, great world without being different and doing things differently in order to attain or create it. And at this point, I think we really don’t have any other choice.

Why? Because unlike after our last big trauma, 9-11, when we were all nice and loving for a few weeks and then quickly reverted back to treating one another miserably (generalizing here, nothing personal, LOL,)…

The Viral Times are bringing with them a deeper, more cosmic, Soul-Felt, permanent, systemic, organic, spiritual, inward, undeniable, unconscious, superconscious, fundamental change and transformation of the basic DNA of all humans, towards the final birth and emergence of a totally new Root Race of Humanity, as divine beings consciously incarnated in physical form on a New Earth. The finally-Spiritualized-Human!

We have had countless others who have been the forerunners of the New Root Race of Humans who have come over the millennia as examples as to what is possible for human behavior and interaction.  

Folks like Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Dr. King, Mother Teressa, Nelson Mandala, and so many other spiritual, cultural and artistic leaders have paved the way for possibility, showing us who we are in essence and who we were about to become.

And now, in the Viral Times, these higher qualities of human characteristics and spiritual values are being birthed and forced fed into the daily expression of all humans through our hearts for the new expansion of our Soul’s reestablishment as sovereign over the Ego.

I think free-will is basically over. We’re going to, are being forced to rethink our entire relationship to ourselves, one another, the world at large and the earth herself.

If it’s out-of-integrity, it won’t work! Whether you are a solo human, a government official, or a multinational corporation; integrity, peace, sustainability and justice are the new living conditions and standards for the human race (and all the kingdoms) from here on out. No judgment, just simple cosmic law-in-action.

So remember the next time you are feeling ‘stuck at home,’ The Corona Chronicles are documenting how we as a planetary civilization are being transformed from within by a force greater than any of us can understand. LOVE. ~xomk~




March 19, 2020
It feels like I am in the throes of a self-accountability organism! Everything left that needs to change about me, deep within, is changing on its own, by default and I’m swimming to keep up with the current of spiritual integrity that the higher laws are forcing into expression in the 3D and into my life!
Thinking I was doing pretty well in the ‘authenticity’ arena, now flabbergasted at what it really means to build an authentic life based on divine truth. No more shortcuts, cutting corners, giving up when no one else sees I do. 

Seems Universe has locked Itself into place for the next round of  alignments: the screws have been tightened down and there’s no wiggle room! Darn: I knew this day would came but are we ever ready?

Sure, The I Am consciousness is 100% governed by right thinking and right action fed by love: and that’s the default in 5D: but here, OMG really: I’ve got some tweaking to do before coming close to claiming that reality! 

Ah, being human: in the throes of up-leveling to a higher dimension, trying not to skip a beat for fear of missing something vital like a piece of my soul flying bye at light speed unable to integrate it before it’s too late.

Just what are the habits necessary to live as One in heaven on earth? Don’t really know: never done it before, in this life!

It’s like sailing across the Coral Sea under thick cloud cover, knowing there’s glorious color somewhere above and below but with no point of reference as the stars are shrouded. Navigating in the dark, one tends to go real slow.

Can you sense true north anyway? It’s in the center of the chest. Now have the faith to follow. It’s a simple system yet too overlooked.  

Imagine doing great works by default: that’s what happens when we surrender, align and merge.

I think we are all kind of newly arrived ‘walk-ins’ in a sense: For me, I am more disoriented than I am familiar: You? I think they call that ‘coming into Oneness!’ Uncharted territory, no bearings, all invisible, using inner radar. What a miracle it works at all!

Genuine, the real thing. Ha, how I would like to say that about myself. Still carrying the lies of separation on some hidden level while firing up the bellows with every breath to purge an outdated system to ash while Phoenixing-up to the lighted promise before me. 

The kiln is burning at a million degrees of sacred truth  and the old porcelain cracks and melts away as the new angelic form is pristinely fired for the next 1000 years of usage in an Age of Integrity that burns real hot.

So, time to jump in. New eyes that see and hands that serve through the flames: with the sobering task of cleaning up the mess we made!

Like an angelic choir, whose sacred celestial sounds harmonize the lower and higher bodies, our tones like lasers seek and dissolve old patterned behaviors whose life, from a bygone era, is now a distant past in the annals of Eternia as we emerge victorious.

Yet a slow, faint dripping is heard: from a small crack in my field: am I leaking light energy somewhere still after all this? Co dependence? Victim? Re-grout with love adhesive and set yourself on the mantle of your inner alter to cure till the full moon and Mercury goes direct.

As we leave Pisces for good and the over-told suffering Her Age story tells: for the Aquarian journey of the Spring Equinox of 2020, check your systems of gratitude and forgiveness: reroute your life force engines towards the independent yet empathetic heart, the only renewable energy you’ll need to propel you and sustain you on your upcoming journey into the exquisite realms of love.

We are the temple: we are the ship. We are coming online at the behest of The Goddess to embody The Feminine Qualities and create anew from the Holy Womb of Creation Itself. We are now surrogates of Light born of the Mystical Marriage, radiant of God, pleased to be us. ~xomk~




Imagine travelling in a starship with family, friends, loved ones, (think ‘Lost In Space’) for 50 years, 100 years, 10,000 years: fueled by an intuitive promise passed down from generation to generation, from heart to heart: a promise of a day that would come, when you would finally return home, to your home planet, to your home feeling and life; to your home way of being and you way of knowing yourself as love.

And one day, yes one single day, like being shot out of a cannon of darkness that had surrounded you for your entire journey, it happened: you were released from the dark corridor into a brightly held field of illumined light called New Earth!

That one day was not just a single day, but the culmination and expression of an explosive accumulation of loving energies and beings in many realms and dimensions who had been working tirelessly for your whole journey to fulfill the promise you all held dear and deliver you on schedule into the prepared Golden Age of Love and Enlightenment.

So then was January 1, 2020! With the Edenic Codes in place, human DNA was rewritten on this day from within to align with and be the full expression of Divinity Itself in physical form. One long, dark and painful outer journey had ended, and what is to begin now, is the heart journey inward to the center of love’s infinite light!

Disembarking from a journey of 10,000 years of suffering causes most to be disoriented and a little shaky at best, needing some quiet/still time to get their Light-Legs up and running!

So you stand, stunned on the pier, on the gangway leading from your claustrophobic cabin you occupied for so long, out into pure radiance: there you are, disembarking on a bridge of light leading you from your head to your heart while in the breeze, a celestial almost eerie song is heard faintly in the background: you recognize it because it is the song of freedom that was in your mother’s lullabies, in her breast milk, in her warm embrace.

A greater Mother sings this melody from the depths of Her Heart way back in Eternia where she lives and has Her Being for us all, for all life. For it was Her plan all along, the Queen Bee of everything that is, to liberate you from slavery and set you on a glorious lighted-life for the rest of Forever.

This is the gift She gives at this time. And as we assimilate the frequency of Home, which is love, the transitional shock from eons of separation fades away and pure, majestic divine love is absorbed and settles into our cells like into a cozy warm bed on a cold winter’s eve. We recover quickly and easily because we were/are born for this: to successfully make this Lost In Space journey, from darkness to light, being led under the edict and auspices of the Mother of All.

Nurture yourself and your new beginnings with tenderness and LOVE. There is an adjustment time ahead for all systems to reintegrate and be up and running smoothly.

Freshly molted at the 5D etheric level, our 3D exoskeleton and all its fears and limits and memories of separation are finally shed from our experience forever: and through our newly donned vulnerability and sensitivity, raw, ripe and rarely understood in the old dimension: we emerge from our collective dark-ark night of the soul and begin again like Noah, to repopulate our new crystalline radiant world with only love.

This is our official arrival in the Kingdom of Light, in the afterlife, on the other side of darkness: our much-anticipated entrance into 2020, the New Earth, the Golden Age and the Renaissance of Love. It’s a lot to take in, this expansion into full blown energy-unity through being our authentic selves!

In truth, we have been lost in the dark vacuum of space, then transported through a black hole, now teleporting all our particles of consciousness to a whole new dimension of reality. In order to appear in the new realm of existence, we had to dematerialize our molecular structure and rematerialize on the other side of the veil, where we have all been reconverted into matter. We have been beamed up, Scotty!

Yes, there is still much surrendering to be done as we settle-up unredeemed timelines and complete life cycles left unexplored and unexpressed. Opening to love will do this work for us because love is programmed perfection in action, knowing all things for all beings at once!

Like in the old Greek Myths, we have travelled to and lived in the underworld for millennia but this lighted passage and portal releases us from death in the same body we came in on: with the next stop being, self-realization!

This is the life after life after death and now is the time to engage with life, new life, zero-point life and do it in a new way: from the heart in love with all things. The heart is the new energy source, the solar generator empowering the life force in crystalline radiance, building up for a creative explosion of new forms for rebuilding the earth out of essence, out of wisdom, out of love.

As we tune our 12 chakras and harmonize them with our new 5th Dimensional Home called Heaven On Earth, we also stand on the precipice of the cosmic evolution of the Human-Spirit People: longing to have now successfully completed the first part of our StarSeed Mission: to live in duality: and silently, inwardly, celebrating our hard earned arrival into Oneness.

We are being asked to love again, to trust again, to allow and receive again from the source of all nourishment, the goodness of love. Expand your wishes and dreams to include all of earth: when you ask, ask for everyone, on behalf of all the kingdoms and all of life Itself. Refill your depleted reserves with the abundant love that is given so freely, and then shine upon the world!

We have been born again, resurrected as promised, as we expand back into the Original Nirvana Earth Template, as it emerged out of the heart of God an eternity ago. We are Star Beings from 50,000 years in the future, returned to rebuild the earth and create a new world through love.

Phase one: complete! Disembark from the old life, the old ship: This is our new home, this is home. This is all the home there is, for now… Look around, look within. Stretch out in your new digs. Get settled, get comfortable and cozy. We get to start again.

Be innocent, be pure, be holy, be love. As it was written, this is the beginning of the world without end! And you helped bring it.

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